Metro Medical Pricing CARE Packages

Metro Medical answering service pricing plans are known as our CARE packages (Cure, Antidote, Remedy, Elective). Just like you care for your patients, we care for your callers. Choose from one of our CARE options to ensure your phones are covered whenever you require. Whether you choose the Cure package to cover a few calls here and there, the Antidote or Remedy plan to ensure higher call volumes are handled, or you go the custom route with an Elective option, we are confident that we can put together an ideal live answering service for your medical facility. Contact us today to learn more about our CARE plans or to get started!

Zero Minutes

$39per month

additional minutes

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125 Minutes

$149per month

additional minutes

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225 Minutes

$249per month

additional minutes

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Have higher call volume that requires more minutes? Elect for a customized plan by telling us what you want and we can put a plan together for you!

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